CNC pipe honing machine for cylinders


CNC pipe honing machine

Customize Lengths &  Diameters

For honing machine , all spares are not short lifetime. We choose Chinese good brands, if you have problem in future , we can sell you in the future . If you want world brands, we can accept, but now global brands have long lead time , they don’t have stock. So we still recommend you use Chinese brands now.


For honing, we would need one component honing tools . We would install the honing tools to machine , we would connect the extension bar to machine , so that machine would supply power to honing head through extension bar . The power makes extension bar and honing head to rotate, in the same time, stroke motor make bar and honing head reciprocating. Feeding motor make stones out and down in honing head, honing processing is he processing of continuous feeding to cut stock.

The setting can be adjusted in PLC with English language.

For honing processing , we would need honing oil for coolant , If need good separator , we could use magnetic and paper . Even though we can choose pressure filter. The filter is based on the material of rust.  


In honing processing, don’t have any spare parts need to buy many , if machine maintain well, would break fast . But honing stones are wore out fast, so would buy again .

Honing heads would have some wore out, but not fast , so we also recommend buy in the future . 



Post time: Aug-16-2022